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FNGLA Logo'd Apparel

Get the FNGLA logo on your shirts, jackets, and more! FNGLA members can order apparel and accessories with the FNGLA logo for events, trade shows or just to showcase your involvement with FNGLA.

Proforma is hosting our order site, and their catalog is filled with apparel of varying styles, colors and sizes. VIEW THE CATALOG & ORDER ONLINE.

Order a shirt with the FNGLA logo or even your Chapter's logo. Here, you can browse the online catalog and order shirts, hats, and more. Once you place an order, a representative from Proforma will contact you for your billing information and to confirm your order.

Choose between your Chapter or the standard FNGLA logo with tagline. The cost is $5 to embroider on any item you purchase. If you have a favorite shirt or item you want embroidered, they can also stitch that for you!

Shipping rates are:

  • 1-3 items: $5.95
  • 3-6 items: $8.95
  • 6-10 items: $10.95
  • 11+ items: $14.95

Once you place your order, a Proforma company representative will contact you regarding billing. To order a print catalog, please contact rhonda.whitaker@proforma.com

Logo Use

As an FNGLA member, you have the opportunity to add the FNGLA logo to your printed materials, web site etc. Visit our brand resource guide to download high resolution versions of the logo. A "Proud Member of FNGLA" logo is also available in the members-only section of the FNGLA web site.

Decals & Pins

Upon renewal of your membership, you will receive a "Proud Member of FNGLA" decal for use on your vehicle, office etc. You will also receive an FNGLA lapel pin to wear at industry functions.

Membership Plaque

Let your customers know you are an FNGLA member right when they walk in your door. You can also take this plaque with you to trade shows and display your membership to attendees. Cost per plaque is $17.50 which includes shipping and handling.

The plaque features a clear acrylic faceplate with inlaid enamel. The faceplate is raise-mounted onto honey oak woodgrain. Plaque size is 8 1/2" x 7 3/8 " and can be displayed on a countertop or hung up.

Each year, upon your renewal, we will send you a FREE membership year sticker to affix to your plaque. You'll also continue to receive your paper membership certificate.

Download an order form.

Member Lists

Lists of members may be purchased only by FNGLA members in good standing. All other companies are not eligible. A form is available in the members only area.